Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Sorry I haven't posted anything for awhile, I have been busy with things, and, well, life.

Currently I am working on a research paper on how fashion in cyclical. It is quit interesting how fashion from the past is being constantly reinvented into modern things. For example, the empire-waist silhouette (fitted in the bodice and flows outward, has extremely high waist) was originally introduced by Napoleon Bonaparte's wife in the 1800s.

Every time it is reintroduced to fashion everyone falls in love with it as though it is new. The only thing that changes about our fashion is how we put the styles together.

Every time a "new" trend is born, it is only an old style reinvented and pared with other fashions that are also taken from the past. For example:

This is from a blog I follow (
She took an old, shoulder padded dress and reinvented it into a really awesome dress.

Another example, here is a typical and everyday outfit from another blog I follow.(

The jeans are very 1970s hippie-ish, but instead of an outdated light-wash, they are in a modern dark wash. The striped shirt is very nautical, and the trench coat has gone in and out of style since the 1920s.

Thanks for listening to my rant-ish post about my paper. :)
If any reader knows anything about this please comment.

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