Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What Should Be Here, But Isn't

Lately it's been really warm. I'm beginning to be quite frustrated with the weather. I so badly want to wear fall clothes, but can I? No. I could if I really really wanted to, but I would become too warm very fast and would end up miserable for the rest of the day. So until the weather changes I can't wear anything warm. No skinny jeans, boots, long sleeve shirts, or layers. I am hopeful though. I think the cold is coming soon. Then I can put my inspiration into actual outfits,
Pencil Skirt with Layers. This looks warm, fashionable, and dressy.

 I especially love the first look in this picture. It is so tough chic.
I just love this picture. It is the perfect fall/winter style. I like how the jacket is over the chunky sweater. The large hair and hat make this picture so editorial.

This is very metallic with lots of prints. The combination is interesting.

The pattern of the jacket is repeated in the tights and then there is the pop of the scarf.

Now, only the weather needs to cooperate with the style ideas! :)

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