Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Fashion

With the new year beginning new fashions are just around the corner. Not only do we have new fashions to look forward to, but we can reflect on all the great and not so great fashions.

My Favorite Fashions of 2009
1. Skinny Jeans. I sported this awesome style everyday all year.
2. Ballet Flats. They may be a pain in the heels,(hello, blisters!)but I love the cute ruffles, bows, and buttons that adorn the toes of my favorite shoe.
3. Waist High Skirts. The make a regular t-shirt super chic.
4. Fingerless gloves. Enough said.

My Least Favorite Fashions of 2009
1. Puffy sleeved tops and dresses. You know what they look like. They have just gone too far. The big shouldered of the 90's are back?
2. Another top that has gone wrong: the one shouldered tops and dresses are seen everywhere. Some people like them but I just think they are missing a sleeve.
3. Big bump ponytails. You may think they are cool, but they aren't. Who wants a big beehive in front of their ponytail.

Comment on your favorite and not so favorite fashion trends of 2009.
Tell me what you think of my 2009 fashion trend picks.

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